Join us Saturday June 23rd for the only stop in Muskoka on the “Compass” tour.


“It’s difficult to imagine the 1960s in America without the culturally altering soundtrack that accompanied it. The wailing guitar of Jimi Hendrix, the pastoral pleading of Joni Mitchell, the pointed sarcasm of John Lennon. These are the figures who shaped an entire generation of pop culture and every generation that followed them. In some we can see this influence more apparently than in others. And then we have Conor Gains, Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. Conor is a descendent of those big names, but more than just being musically influenced by the social icons of the 60s, he carries on the tradition of revolution through music and the heart-stopping melodies within it.”

-Indie Music Review



june 23 poster revised

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